California International Marathon

30 November 2017, the Halifax Road Hammers delegation left for San Francisco California for one objective, improve our PBs and achieved our season’s goal. Many months of training for one big race and a few weeks of planning and coordinating and then we were off.

Halifax Airport

First day was pretty simple, Jennie and I drove to get Lee, Britney and Linda and took advantage of the Park and Ride at the Airport. Once arrived at the Airport we met up with Shari, Mike and Lexi, already the excitement had started. We took that opportunity to take our first group picture. At that point we were still missing 5 members which took different flight on the way there base on their own schedule. The plan for the day was to fly to New York then to San Francisco were Corinne was waiting for us with two rental vans. Many hours in the air and we arrived at our destination. After finding our rental, we were underway to our first Bed and Bedfast in Sacramento. As we left the airport, the rental company advise us of the heavy risk of robbery for cars in Sacramento which we were a little nervous for. As we arrived at our house, we saw a guy walking with a baseball bat, we all made the same comment that our rental was going to be broken in to.


Alcatraz Island Tour

Second day was pretty relaxed we drove to downtown San Francisco to meet up with two more members of the group, Dianne and Lindsay and went on the Alcatraz Island Tour. After watching movies about that famous prison it was pretty cool to get the chance to visit it.

Morning stroll day before the race

Third day we went for a short 20min run around the bed and breakfast where we were staying. The house where we stayed had a beautiful trail in the back with access to a lake. Following that we met up with Ian and Sydney at the expo. Our group got pretty lucky, Mike who ran the race last year had been named Ambassador and was able to get the Road Hammers a little extra on their swag. Our club logo was printed on the back of the race long sleeve, super awesome swag. Following that we returned home and watched Sub 2 the documentary to give us some motivation for the next days.

At the Expo with the boys

During our trip I took care of making breakfast for everyone which consisted of an simple omelet with cheese. We had our own Certified Dietitian Jennie who volunteered to make suppers. She made, pizza, spaghetti and some chicken and bean, every meal was accompanied with a salad, making sure that all dietetic restriction were pleased for all members. The best thing about renting a Bed and Breakfast versus an hotel room is to be able to cook your own meal versus eating at a restaurant paying high price, we took advantage of that.

Dec 3rd at 3am, its wake up time, Lee, Britney and I are the first one awake in the kitchen having our coffee. Enjoying my regular banana and toast I realized that I was still not nervous about the Marathon that was about to start in a few hours. The rest of the group woke up in the hour that followed and everyone rush to eat their breakfast before we had to go. Due to the fact that the race is not an out and back, we had to drive to the finish line then jump on a bus to get to the start line. Mike and I as designate drivers for the trip, got into our car with our groups and drove to Sacramento where we had to get into the shuttle to the start line.

Thats where I became nervous a little, many bathroom break letter and then it was 6h50. I see Lee and Ian who I was supposed to paced with and realized I had to go to the bathroom once again. Due to this last minute emergency I was not able to find my two running partner before the start and had to run alone. During the first 3km I kept looking ahead and back hoping to see them and pace with them, but unfortunately it was not until 36km that this occurred. During that time I felt super comfortable and held a 3min50sec/km which was the ultimate goal pace. Lee and Ian arrived beside me on the 36km looking fresher then ever, Lee gave me a couple quotes to motive me and I held on for 2km. Unfortunately for me at 38km my legs had enough and I started to slow down. I finished in a time of 2h43min45sec while Lee and Ian finished in 2h41min05sec. Knowing that the last 4km made me lost over 2min is frustrating but at least I know where my fitness is.

After I finished the race and that I met up with Lee and Ian our goal was to gather the rest of the team which is a difficult task with a large group in a big running event. I knew Jennie was hopping to break 3h 13min so I went near the finishing Shute hopping to see her finished. Unfortunately due to the large field of people, I was not able to watch her finished but I saw her walking past the medical tent heading toward the exit. A quick look at my watch and I just realized that she made her goal, I got super exited for her. Compared to the last Marathon that I saw Jennie finished this was the first one that she was fully energetic and conscious of what had just happened. I almost feel like she could of run harder with all the energy she had.

Overall, I am quite happy with my performance during the California International Marathon, I was surrounded by an amazing group and the race organization was on point.

*For a full results of the Team Performance visit this link:








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