Spryfield Santa Claus’s Parade

It is not everyday that you get the chance to be in a Parade. Luckily for me, the Spryfield Village Santa Claus Parade occurred near home and we were available.

What does it mean to be in a parade? Well quite simple you walk from the start to the end of the intended parade route and you wave to the people who comes to watch it. My plan for this parade was to do it on Stilts which are about 3 feet tall while juggling pins wearing an elf outfit. What problem can occur while trying to achieve this? Well my biggest concern was how to pickup a pin if I drop one on the ground? How will I get up if I fall down from my stilt? Those are the biggest concerned that went trough my mind. All these concerned were deal with when Jennie agreed to walk the parade with me. In order to include her self in the parade she dressed up as a Snowman wearing a onesie.

That was our first parade that we did together and is sure not going to be the last one.





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