Napa Valley with the Halifax Road Hammer

Halifax Road Hammers in Napa Valley

After a Marathon all you want to do is rest, kick your feet up, and enjoy some well deserved time off. However, the Halifax Road Hammers aren’t your typical group of runners. Monday morning t-24 hours after the California International Marathon, the Road hammers were biking the vineyards of Yountville Napa Valley. We were all a little sore, but the beautiful scenery made the 16 km bike ride well worth it.


When we planned the bike tour we imagined a beautiful calm day, no wind, and perfect weather while we meandered around the vineyards sipping wine. Monday was a little different with gale force winds, it was all we could do to stay on our bikes let alone on the road. The wind had picked up significantly from the day before, thank god, as the marathon run in those windy conditions would have been very difficult. We did manage to bike 15 km, but to any passerby, it would have looked like we had too much wine as the wind made it difficult to bike in a straight line.



We stopped in two wineries for a quick tasting before giving up and returning the bicycles.  On our return to the store we met up with Lindsay and Dianne who had decided to do their excursion on foot. In hind site they were quite smart, and had I known it was going to be that windy, I would have done the same. The last stop of the day we all had a glass of well deserved wine at a local winery in town.  Jennie bought a nice bottle of their white wine, unfortunately it was for a present for a friend so I did not get the chance to try it ha ha. Following that last tasting we were back in the car to drive to our 3rd bed and breakfast of the trip.





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