Run Nova Scotia: Road Race Series Coordinator

What is Run Nova Scotia?

Run Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit organization, a division of Athletics Nova Scotia, operated entirely by volunteers. Since 1983, Run Nova Scotia offers a Road Race Series with distance from the mile to the marathon covering Nova Scotia.

Run Nova Scotia Management Board: December 2017 meeting

This year is my 4th year on the Board and 4th year as Road Race Series Coordinator. I think it is safe to say I love every aspect of running, and love to help out whenever I can. The Run Nova Scotia board is a great group of people, and I am happy to be apart of it, although we may not agree on everything, we work together to make the running in the province of Nova Scotia fun and enjoyable for runners of all ages and abilities.

My role on the board has a few different responsibilities:

1)To coordinate with Race Directors across the province to invite them to apply for the Run Nova Scotia Road Race Series. After a few years of this role I have finally compiled a spreadsheet list of all the race director names and races they host. The first couple of years were not as easy. I had to get in touch with each of the Race Directors often searching for emails, and searching for the new Race Director, as turnover can happen from time to time.

2)The second part of my job is to organize all applications received from Race Directors and to present these to the Management Board. In the past an excel spreadsheet has been the most efficient method, as all the data is easily legible for the board members. Once this is complete the fun begins, we all put our heads together and come up with a series we believe you will love.

3) Once the Road Race Series is selected, I get to relax for a few months and take in some races. After the series official start date in April, I go back to work coordinating with Race Directors and our Volunteer Coordinator to ensure our volunteer crews know where they are expected, and what their responsibilities are going to be for race day.

4) Following the end of a race, I compile Race Assessments based on comments received from Board members and members who have attended the race to help with selection and improvement for the next years series.

In brief, this is the role of the race series coordinator. I love my job and encourage anyone who loves running and wants to become involved in the Run Nova Scotia board to do so. We can always use a fresh set of eyes, new ideas, and new opinions.

Till next time,



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