What is Joggling:

“Joggling is a competitive sport that combines juggling with joggling. People who joggle are called jogglers.”

IJA World Joggling Championship: Since 1980, the International Juggling Association host the World Joggling Championship in event starting from 100m to 5k from 3 balls to 7 balls joggling.
Joggling  has made its appearance in my life in May 2014. After seen many video on Youtube of the great Michal Kapral, I decided to try it out. It started with many lap around my neighborhood for 3 months until I attempted a 5Km race. The passion with this goofy sport was immediate . The first year was composed of participation in many races for fun not taking that sport very seriously. However I quickly realized that my times were pretty good after seems many podiums and even winning a half marathon and 5K race while joggling against runners.
In 2015 while the IJA World Joggling Championship was held in Quebec, I participated in the 100m, 400m, 800m, 1600m and 4×100 in the mix team. It was quite the experience and realized that I was not the only one in this crazy world.

IJA World Joggling Championship 2015 Results

Distance Time Placement Members
1600m 5min13sec 1st
800m 2min21.7sec 1st
400m 1min01.91sec 1st
100m 13.57sec 2nd
4×100 1min04.02sec 1st
  • Eric Gunther
  • Daniel Raum
  • Ben Fry
  • Michael Bergeron
IJA World Joggling Championship 2015
 Since then I have concentrated on running, training with my club. By improving my speed and endurance I am able to joggle at a higher intensity for a longer period of time. Even though going to IJA World Joggling Championship was amazing, I must say that Joggling the 2017 Boston Marathon in 3h13min12sec was the highlight of my Joggling Career so far. Due to the time in the season, I was not able to joggle much other then on the treadmill due to the cold.
These are my last 4 Joggling races which are also my 4 PBs in the Marathon, Half Marathon 10K and 5K.
Date Race Location Time

06 May 18

Fredericton Marathon (half marathon) Fredericton, NB 1h20m50sec (10sec from GRW)

22 June 18

Chase the Pace(5 km) Halifax, NS

16m 56s (5sec from GRW)

17 Apr 17

Boston Marathon Boston, USA

3h 13m 12s

19 Aug 18

Navy 10K (10K) Halifax, NS

 35m36sec*                     New World Record

Movember Run 6km 2015

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