I have been running since the age of 13 years old, the real beginning was when my father took me to a 8k race in Borden, Ontario. I got hooked and participated in two 10K and a half marathon (which I walk much of it). During my teens years I ran Cross Country in High School and kept participating in the Borden Striders Series which consisted of 5 race spread over 5 months time frame. This Series does not exist anymore but it was the beginning of what is now a passion for me. How did I train back then? Well not very much I was a regular teen riding my bicycle to get to point A to B, I pretty much just showed up to events and gave the best that I had for that day.

Thing changed when I attended Ottawa University and joined the Gee Gees, I ran Cross Country and Track. The three practices a week improved my form, my strength and my performance. However my performance were not as good as post university highly due to not committing has much time and dedication. Other then the scheduled three practices a week I would not do any other runs which are now days part of my routine.


After University I took some time off running and did some other activities until I discovered Joggling. It was only in June 2015 that I decided to take the running training to a different level when my friend Mike Juurlink invited me to join a group of runner that Lee Mccarron had started. Our first practice was at the SMU Track in Halifax, from that first practice I have been with that club since. Its hard to believe that the group was under 15 runners then and now over 150 runners.

Since joining the Road Hammers, my performance has improved in every distance but the more spectacular was a 20min PB on the Marathon in 30 months of training. Has a group we train together, socialize, support, help and travel to diverse meet together.

2017 Results

Date Race Location Time

3 Dec 17

California International Marathon Sacramento, California

2h 43m 45s

5 Nov 17

57th CISM Military XC World Championship Balatonakarattya, Hungary

41m 38s

27 Aug 17

Cobequid 10km Truro, NS

35m 45s* PB 

23 Aug 17

47th Annual NS Half Marathon Barrington, NS

1h 18m 52s

15 Jul 17

Cox and Parlmer 5km Charlottetown, PEI

17m 16s

8 Jul 17

Antigonish Highland Games 5 miler Antigonish, NS

28m 23s

27 May 17

Race Weekend Marathon Ottawa

2h 53m 4s

6 May 17

Osprey 5km Lunenburg

16m 45s


2018 Results

Date Race Location Time
22 Apr 18 Run Our Shore (Half Marathon) Liverpool 1h16m45sec* PB
27 May 18 Ottawa Marathon Ottawa 2h40m41sec* PB
29 Jun 18 Delta Ware Fun Run (5km) Charlottetown 16m26sec* PB



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