Registered Dietitian Jennie Orr PDT



Raised on a small farm in PEI Jennie developed a love for food and agriculture at a young age. As Jennie grew older and became more involved in the family business Jennie developed a passion for food. As a farmers daughter Jennie had the priviledge of consuming fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products straight from harvest, no sugar, no preservatives and no packaging added. Farmers markets became a regular Saturday morning affair.

When Jennie finally had to pick a major in school Nutrition seemed like the perfect fit, Jennie wanted to help others achieve the same state of health and well being Jennie was so lucky to have from the very start. All Jennie wanted to accomplish is to help people get back to their roots. To seek out farmers markets, and small vegetable stands to minimize the increasingly packaged and processed foods on grocery store shelfs. To inspire a different lifestyle to go against the fast food culture, and to take back the habits of previous generations where cooking and food preparation were common instead of a rare occasion.

By helping others be more conscious of not only what is in the food they consume but also how their food choices affect their mood, health and activities of daily living.


  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition 2014
  • Graduate Internship with the Nova Scotia Health Authority 2015


  • Shannex Long Term Care Dietitian
  • Simply for life Halifax Weight loss, and chronic disease management
  • Nutrition Matters: Fueling Sport



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